My fitness life prior to motherhood was very underwhelming. I exercised infrequently and ate almost anything. As a Latina and Philadelphia native, my meals would range from rice, chicken, and fried beans - to pretzels, cheesesteaks, and water ice.     

Motherhood changed my life in more than one way. Although I was happy as can be mothering my two beautiful boys, the physical overhaul on my body completely drained my self-esteem and confidence. My days were becoming repetitive and my weight was slowly increasing. One morning I woke up ready for a change. I started to workout and began learning how to eat health consciously. After nearly a year of self-experimentation (workouts & diet) I finally began to see "real results." Once I reflected upon these results, my life changed forever. I went from a fitness partaker to a fitness fanatic.   I created my formula for fitness success - and from that day on I have never looked back. Through fitness not only did I find my abs, glutes, and curves, but I found me. I found my purpose.

Currently I am helping other women to create their formula for fitness success through my 30 Day Nutrition Program, Seasonal Booty Academies, and Free Fitmom Facebook Group. I am on a mission to help "every-day" women feel FIT, SEXY, & CONFIDENT!  

Keep in touch, follow my instagram page, and let's build together one day at a time. 

Fabiana Ferrarini is a Certified Fitness Instructor,  International Fitness Model, & Mother of two from Philadelphia, PA. Fabiana landed the cover of Oxygen magazine January 2016 as the first Latina to grace the cover - setting a new cultural precedence. Other notable campaigns include the hosting and creating of the Fox 29 Good Day Challenge, and most recently serving as an Influencer for City Fitness' #MYCITYMOVES campaign (Philadelphia city-wide fitness challenge) along side celebrity & Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker Conner Bardwin. In the media Fabiana has been featured on Fox 29, ABC 6, CBS 3, Al Dia to name a few. Philadelphia Magazine just named Fabiana "Top 9 Philly Instagrammers Every Fitness Lover Should Be Following".  Whether you are a hardcore athlete or a stay-at-home mom, Fabiana will be inspire and motivate you to get yourself to the next level!