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Hey there fellow fit moms,

I wanted to talk to you about something I realized I had been missing for a while without quite noticing

Now that both of my boys are a little older and way past their days of needing a stroller, I don't get to spend my daily jogs laughing and hanging out with my boys.  When Josiah was still small, I would bring along on my jogs and while he wasn't completely awake for my runs, it was nice to have our little time together. Each day it was something we both, I'd like to think so, enjoyed and looked forward too. For me it meant quality time spent with my youngest while still being able to enjoy exercising, for Josia it meant time with his special running toys. 

As I took a quick jog down memory lane, and made a couple more laps just to get my full run in, it got me thinking a fit mom's best friends are easily running and the jogging stroller. When it comes to balancing family time with work outs, nothing quite cuts it like running. I get the opportunity to spend time doing my two favorite things, exercising and making my boys laugh, I've yet to see any gym offer those classes.

So today I wanted to talk to you about what you can do to make the most out of your work outs by grabbing the kids and the diaper bag while sweating and sculpting your sexy mom bod with Mommy and Me runs.

Time for a New Ride and Different Stride…

If you haven't already bought one, you're definitely going to want to get yourself a jogging stroller and start giving it a try.

Though before you lightly jog out and buy the first one you see…

This was something I unfortunately learned the hard way but you might want to do your homework before coming home with a new ride for you and your little ones. Because apparently, this only become apparent after too many runs with an uncomfortable child being fussy with all the bumping and moving, not all jogging strollers are created in the same image.

Because while Mommy and Me jogging time is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with your two loves, nothing spoils the fun quite as quickly for your little one than being shaken awake. No amount of special jogging toys makes it better.

Which brings us to your new running buddies…

While I was able to enjoy the time spent with my little ones while jogging, sometimes they had other ideas in mind of what they would prefer to be doing and those often didn't include letting Mommy go for a jog.

But a friend of mine turned me onto an awesome way she made her Mommy and Me running time more fun for everyone, special toys she would bring for her little ones during Mommy and me runs.

So say hello to your new work out buddy…

It doesn't matter really what kind of toy, just make sure that the only time your little ones get to play with them are during your daily Mommy and me runs.

It's a super easy way to make Mommy and me runs more enjoyable for your little one and on the upside, the happier your little one is during your runs, the more time you get to spend running.

So your little ones are happy, you're happy, what can go wrong…

Okay so maybe that is a bit of a stretch, nothing is going to go wrong on your Mommy and me time, but that doesn't mean your morning run is going to be smooth sailings and you're going to get your full work out in and still have time to make dinner.

While Mommy and me runs are definitely something I will always look back fondly on, I still remember what those precious times usually meant.


My boys are the joy of my life and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the amazing gift of watching them grow up but I felt a bit differently about their favorite game to play while we were out enjoying our runs together.

Both of them love to see how many of the toys Mommy gave them, they can throw out while Mommy tries to enjoy her run.

And while Josia was not as avid a fan of that game as my oldest was, the two of them would have easily taken gold in the toy shot putt.

Be prepared to have to take breaks often…

You Mommy and me jog is definitely not going to be the same jog you were used to taking before. There will be constant breaks to make sure your little one is fine or has something to eat, not to mention the sheer volume of times you are going to need to play what will become your little ones favorite game as well.

These little breaks can work for you to maximize your work outs though if you use that time well.

What do I mean?

Those little breaks in your run can either work for you or against depending how you use them. Take or instance how I would handle retrieving a toy after another of everyone's favorite game. Instead of jogging over to Josie or Ricky's toy, or even worse walkingover, I would use that short space to work in a high intensity burst of high knees on my little detour.

And you could do the same, it doesn't need to be high knees though. Any exercise you can fit into your little break and actually pick up the pace of your work out will work amazingly. Now instead of taking a jog with thirty little breaks you've got a complete cardiovascular gauntlet shaping that mom bod.

Get creative with it and make it work for you.

But since we are getting used to the new rules on this run, might as well say hello to you new gait…

Remember how you used to run?

It was amazing right? I bet you were turning heads and probably even the same little pop I used to do too.

Now never think of that again…

Well, not never but at least not while you are running with the little ones. Running with a stroller is a whole other ball game from that beautiful run…

After packing in your little one, enough food for the run, can't forget the diaper bag, or the special running toys…

You get where I'm going with this one…

All that extra weight you're pushing in front of you is going to change the way you're able to run, but on the upside, higher intensity work out for the win. It might take a bit getting used to but you'll finally settle into your own pace and soon you might even get that little pop to fit back in there somewhere.

So my fellow fit moms…

Nothing quite beat being able to perfectly blend my two favorite ways to spend my time than running with my boys and while my time to run with my boys in the stroller is long gone, you can still make your own Mommy and me run memories.


Get out there and hit that pavement with your little ones. And remember, the best part of being of being a fit mom is being a mom.

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