Taking Care of Your Skin While Building Your Booty

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Hey there fit sisters,

I wanted to talk to you today about something that I feel is overlooked in the fitness world sometimes. Often when we squat, lift, and run our way to a body we can feel proud of, we measure our success and health by the numbers on the scale or how we slay in those yoga pants. This can cause us to completely ignore one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, taking care of yourself both inside and out.

As we sweat it out day after day in the gym, we are not only putting our muscles through the ringer but also our skin as well. Dirty equipment, grime from the day, and a whole slew of things we don't want sitting on our skin can all strike and wreak havoc on our poor complexions clogging our pores and causing break outs, which let's be honest, no one has time for as an adult.

So let's take a hard look at what we can do to make sure our skin is clear, beautiful, and looking its best even if we hit the gym like beasts.

A Perfect Complexion Starts with Proper Care…

Choosing the Right Products for Clear Beautiful Skin…

It probably goes without saying but living an active lifestyles often means you're constantly washing your face and showering.  I know for myself, most days mean I'm hitting the shower at least twice, once after my morning run before I start the day and of course after my evening sessions in the gym, and probably washing my face a tons in between.

Though as we go about washing our hard earned sweat off our face spots work out, we can actually be damaging our skin and causing excessive drying, causing us to face premature wrinkles while increasing the probability of break outs. This isn't to say that you should skip washing up after your daily work outs, your skin won't be happy, you won't be happy, and probably neither will everyone within smelling range, but instead it means we should take the opportunity to choose products that will prevent excessive drying and oil while keeping our skin fresh, clean, and clear.

Going All Natural…

Let's do a little experiment. Take a look at the back of your face wash and try to see how many names of the chemicals you can recognize or even let alone pronounce. If you were like me, you probably didn't even make it halfway make it through the list before realizing most of that stuff can't be good for your face.

 And you would be right.

Most commercially available face cleansers unfortunately often contain chemicals that can dry out your skin making it prone to wrinkles and blemishes. Add in how often you have to wash your face throughout the day when you live an active lifestyle and you have a recipe for dry, breakout prone skin.

So throw out your old face wash and instead choose a product that uses only things you can readily pronounce and is all natural.

If you need a little help finding a good place to start looking for an all-natural cleanser that works for your skin type, you can check out this amazing article from Aubrey Wallace over at AnnMarie or if you want to get down with the DIY, check out this really fun tutorial for making your very own all natural cleanser.

Moisturize, Moisturize, and then Moisturize Again…

Living an active lifestyle we tend to focus on only the damage we do to our muscles and often overlook the fact that our skin takes just as much as a beating as our booties and thighs. But since our skin really does not feel sore like our muscles do after an intense work out it can be hard to recognize the damage.

Every time we hit the gym, lace up our running shoes and head to our favorite trail, or bike to the office, we expose our skin to the harsh elements around us. The sun, exhaust from the vehicles we are sharing lanes with, and all the nasty little chemicals in the air take a toll on our skin. Couple that with frequent washes and your basically asking for a blemish.

So we already covered choosing an all-natural cleanser to give your skin the moisture is craves after long work outs, so it should come without a surprise that you should probably switch your moisturizer to, you guessed it, an all-natural variety.

Using an all-natural moisturizer after washing and throughout the day helps keep your face protected from the harsh elements while helping your skin retain its natural elasticity and staving off the signs of aging.

If you want to try making your own DIY moisturizer from things you probably have already laying around the house, you have to check out this post.

*Bonus Face Mask Recipe…Sometimes our faces need a little extra pampering and honestly sometimes we do too, so the next time you want to unwind and replenish your skins natural beauty, try this awesome avocado and honey face mask that is honestly good enough to eat.

Perfect Skin Begins Before You Even Hit the Gym…

We all know that after a hard work, we have to hit the showers and wash away all of that hard work we put in, in fact, I doubt any person would argue against that and choose to keep clogged pores willingly, but if you are like me, I bet you did not realize that washing your face before you even hit the gym can immensely improve the overall health of your skin.

I know, it sounds a bit counterintuitive to spend the time washing your face and applying moisturizer just to get dirty at the gym all over again but stick with me on this one.

When we sweat it out at the gym, our pores open up to allow our sweat glands to do their jobs and keep our bodies cool. But when we don't wash our faces before hitting the gym, all of the nasty chemicals and dirt we have sitting on our faces from the day, mix with our sweat and start to clog our already open pores. 

So to prevent your pores from clogging up with all of today's dirt, just simply use your all natural cleanser before hitting the gym.

Taking the Time to Make Sure Every Part of Our Body Looks as Good as it Can…

We religiously sweat it out day in and day out, taking our fight to the gym, the running trails, and even the streets to make sure we look as good as we feel. So it only makes sense that we start to take care of our skin as well as we take care of the rest of our bodies. Though instead of weighted Bavarian squats or glute bridges, our skin only needs a bit of care and a few all natural products to look its best. Well that and of course a regimented beauty plan, but seeing that you are able to fit leg days, cardio, and even cheat days into your already packed schedule, finding a moment to pamper yourself and your skin should not be too hard.

Look & Live Your Best Life.

Have you ever wanted something in your life, but found you couldn’t achieve it alone? Less Fat? More Muscle? Smaller Booty? Bigger Booty? More Tone?

You name it, I can help you achieve it.


Fabiana Ferrarini

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