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So lately you have been sweating it out at the gym, trying to sculpt your behind into the booty you know it can be, but it seems that no matter how many session you put in each week your booty selfies are still falling a bit…flat.

But before you decide to call it a wrap and give up having the booty of your dreams, let's get back to the basics and find out exactly how we can build one.

The Booty of Your Dreams might be missing one key Element……

While Bulgarian squats, cable assisted kickbacks, and glute bridges are an essential part of any booty building exercise plan, they actually break down the muscle fibers of your back side causing microscopic tears and breaks within the muscle itself.

 Though that is completely natural, in fact all exercises, and exercise in general, is simply just regulated and regimented destruction of your muscle fibers.

It's only after you hit the gym does the real building part begin….

Perhaps the most crucial part of building any muscle group, not just your backside, is what you do after you sweat it out in the gym. If you spend your down time eating junk food and not getting enough rest, no amount of squats is going to help you build a better booty. That's because without the right material to fuel the process of repairing damaged fibers, our muscles cannot grow to their full potential, and this can potentially lead to injury further down the line.

So to fuel your booty building, post work out, let's dive into some amazing foods and meals you can easily prepare that will have your backside turning heads and dropping jaws.

Some Essential Foods for Your Booty Building Progress…

Add Some Fat to Your Diet…

It seems a bit counterintuitive to say it, but it's true, you're going to need to eat plenty of fat to build the body you want. The healthy kind that is…

Although fat has gotten a bad reputation over the last years, there are quite a few sources of healthy fats that will help you fuel your booty building without making it more difficult to shed some pounds.

Some foods high in healthy fats you should immediately add to your diet are…

·         Walnuts

·         Avocados

·         Olives

·         Almonds

·         Natural Peanut or Almond Butters

·         Salmon

Each is packed with the essential and healthy fats your body needs to fuel its muscle building, so make sure you're adding as many of these foods to your meals as possible. Whether you want add them as a garnish, olives, avocados, and almonds lend themselves quite well as a perfect addition to a salad, or make an entire meal around them, is completely up to you.

Though if you would like a little inspiration for a couple meals that are both easy and quick to make while being packed full of essential fats, you could check out this recipe for an avocado and quinoa salad with a lemon vinaigrette that you could prepare before you head off to the gym or this fresh avocado and cucumber quinoa salad that is easy to make and super delicious, while helping you get all the nutrients you need to fuel that booty building outside of the gym.

Protein is not Just for Body Builders Anymore…

Well it never was strictly for body builders… the popularity of protein supplements among that fitness crowd simply made it seem that adding more protein to your diet is going to lead to some serious gains. Which would be true if you traded in your Bavarian squats for some heavy bench presses but really won't have a pronounced effect if you keep following your booty building, fat shredding work out plan.

Protein is the most important component of the muscle building process, without it our bodies are unable to perform many of its processes, let alone build an amazing booty.

Protein is what is responsible for repairing all those tears we make while dropping a squat, both making possible to hit the gym again next time and build a firmer backside.

So it goes without saying, but I'm going to because that's what I do, if you are not getting enough protein in your diet, sadly your dreams of building a better booty will be much harder.

So let's look at some amazing foods that are packed full of protein and super healthy while still tasting amazing…


Chicken should be staple in your diet, few other food are packed with as much protein and still considered to be a lean food. Even better, chicken lends itself well to any flavor and meal, so it's versatile enough that you can throw some into your daily avocado wrap to up your protein intake on the fly or even get in touch with your inner chef for some healthy baked chicken and zucchini to end your day.


Nothing quite compares to amount of benefits fish has to offer, chicken comes close but still no cigar. Packed full of more protein per pound then most other foods and high in essential fats, fish should be a part of any person's diet, not only those looking to build their booty, though it does help that too.

Though unfortunately it is important to note that while fish is definitely an amazing booty building food, you may want to limit the amount of fish you eat each week as sadly there is a bit things you don't want to digest floating around in those tasty filets. So try to substitute fish into your dinners maybe only two or three times a week.

Lentils, Beans, and Legumes Galore

Beans and legumes are an often overlooked source of protein but by overlooking them, you miss out on some amazing foods that will you help build a booty while actually helping you shed some pounds at the same time.

Naturally high in fiber and packed full of more protein per pound than most meats, beans and legumes can give any meal a little boost of protein while not adding too many calories or fats to your diet.

Try adding some green lentils to your next salad to turn it into a super salad packed with everything your body needs to sculpt that backside or if you're feeling a bit adventurous you could try out this recipe for Coconut Red Lentil Curry that will make you mouth water and your booty thank you.

Building Your Behind in Your Down Time…

While all of these foods are certain to help you build the booty of your dreams, without a complete work out plan like the Fabi's Booty-Building Program, to compliment your new diet, sadly that bum bum will fall behind in development.

But by adding these amazing food to your meals every day and putting in the time to sweat it out each and every time in the gym, you'll see your results start to pour in as every day brings you a bit closer to that booty you know you were meant to rock.


Fabiana Ferrarini

Fabiana is an international fitness icon, Ace Certified Health Coach, & Certified Personal Trainer - inspiring and coaching women around the world through her "Fit with Fabi" program! Fabiana was most recently featured on Oxygen Magazine  (reaching over 2.7 million people worldwide) as the first Latina in history to grace the cover. Appearing regularly on Fox News, CBS, & ABC as a fitness expert, Fabiana has made it her life pursuit to help "everyday" women feel fit, sexy, and "in control"!