You Earned Your Stripes, Now Wear Them Proudly

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Hey there fellow fit moms,

I wanted to talk about something that has always been on the forefront of my mind, both as a mom who overcame not being happy with her body and as someone who helps other moms find their inner hotness, but has been something I haven't quite known how to approach until now.

 So let's talk wearing our tiger stripes as moms…

How did you know about my favorite pair of yoga pants? Don't worry I'm not talking about those stripes, though I also have a pair of those yoga pants too and yes, I love them stripes. But we’re talking about stretch marks, the human body’s own natural tiger stripe print yoga pants.

Before we get into loving our stripes though, I wanted to talk about why this is such a touchy topic for many people and why we even have to have this conversation about loving things our bodies do naturally.

So…Lets jump in…

Far too often when we are unhappy with our weight, we begin lumping in other things and adding to the pile of reasons not to feel awesome about being ourselves. And before you think, "Great something else I need to work on…" that's not entirely our faults.

Unfortunately, being unhappy with the little imperfections of our bodies is only a natural response to the constant barrage of ads and magazines telling us that those little imperfections, that make each one of us unique and hot in our own way, are something to be ashamed of, more so they bombard us with images of women who don't have imperfections, making it even harder to look down and love what we see.

It's easy to forget when we constantly see these women with their perfect skin and bodies that what we are looking at has been touched, re-touched, and probably for good measure re-touched again.

That is the sad truth for many of these ads that push negative body image standards onto so many hot moms. What we are seeing is not the product of nature and hard work but created on a computer program.

So now that we understand why it is so easy to not love the little imperfections of our bodies, let's take a few steps towards how we can correct that…

Okay so we know that it is not completely our fault that we feel uncomfortable with showing off our true hot mom self to the world because of the pressures pushed onto us by false and negative body image standards.

But what can we do?

For starters, we can ignore the false standards beauty standards pushed onto many women and remember that we are moms and, like it or not, our bodies have undergone significant changes from the moments we found out we were bringing our little ones into the world and continue to change. It's only natural and another part of the beauty of being a mom. Instead of looking at our stretch marks as something we should hide or be embarrassed about, we should embrace them, and even celebrate each and every one of those lighting streaks across our skin.

We earned those stripes by becoming mothers, those stripes are our body's way of telling the world we've experienced the beauty of bringing little ones into this world.

That doesn't sound like something you should be embarrassed about right?

I didn't think so either, in fact I'm proud to be a mother. My two boys are the joys of my life and although they certainly keep my days full of a lot things I would never thought I would ever do, (you're looking at the best monster hunter and only one available for room visits at 2 a.m., well at least in my house,) I would never trade being Josiah and Enrique's mom for anything in the world.

And that's what you should see when you look down and see those beautiful marks crossing your skin, not a reason to buy one pieces or avoid the beach. Those are your marks, no other hot mom in the world has quite the same tiger stripes as you do so show the world those one of kind celebrations of your motherhood, and your hotness.

So are you hot moms ready to start loving yourself for being you and start wearing your tiger stripes with pride?

Okay, I know that it's probably still very frightening to embrace the little imperfections we were taught from a young age were something to be seen as a source of shame. And the time spent reading this article surely was not long enough to completely eliminate all those years of denying your beauty, but this is where it begins, this is where you start loving those stripes and being the hot mom with natural tiger print yoga pants.

I know it is a bit unnerving to put yourself out there as you are and love yourself for being the hot mom that you are, I'll admit even I have moments where I catch myself slipping back into viewing the little imperfections on my body as things I need to cover, but it is not impossible and it certainly worth doing. And once you learn to embrace your inner tiger, you join the millions of other hot moms who have learned that their bodies are something to never be ashamed of or hidden.

Still a little nervous? Let's take a look at some other some other women who have learned to embrace their inner tiger and challenge outdated views of what it means to be sexy.

From the viral campaign of #LoveYourLines to the thousands of photos of women proudly wearing their stripes, the world is unable to ignore this wave of self-love and appreciation.

Hot moms everywhere are learning to love themselves and wear the natural marks of beauty that make them unique.

Even some moms you might not expect have started loving the stripe and embracing their beauty…

It may be a bit of generalization, but Hollywood is not really known for embracing positive body image standards. That being said, hot celebrity moms all across have taken to social media to show the world their unfiltered, well you know what I mean, and untouched sexiness. Chrissy Tegan, Miranda Kerr, Denise Bidot, and Alyssa Milano have all come forward to tell the world they love their mom bods.

And it's not just celebrity mothers who are learning to embrace the tiger and wear their beauty marks proudly.

Lexi Mendiola, a young Instagram model who nearly broke the internet with one of her untouched swim suit photo shoots showcasing her own stretch marks, is leading the charge for the next generation of body positive hot moms everywhere.  The photo, which you can find on the young models Instagram account, launched hundreds of conversations of what it means to be beautiful while promoting healthy body standards. And to be honest those conversations were long overdue…

So as we walk, run, and jog with strollers towards becoming hot moms together, let's do it while loving ever part of what makes us sexy, from our killer mom bods down to our tiger stripes, let's celebrate our sexiness together and open the door for more moms to do the same.

Look & Live Your Best Life.

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