Goodbye Baby Bump…Hello Mom Abs!


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Goodbye Baby Bump…Hello Mom Abs!

Hey there my sexy mom sisters!

Today let's get the skinny on something that I get asked quite often while I'm out meeting you wonderful ladies for our butt building weekends... "Can I still have six pack abs even though I'm a new mom?"

You would be surprised how many of my fellow sexy moms are uncertain if they will ever be able to reclaim their six pack abs, or in some cases, welcome those new show stoppers for the first time.

And before we dive into how you can say no to a one piece this summer and explain the inherent struggles you'll face as you sweat your way to your own killer set of #MomAbs, it's important to say, that yes you too can have #MomAbs!

Every new mom can rock a killer six pack, but the only thing standing between you and hearing "When did she have a kid?! And she looks like that?!" is yourself. This stands true for every obstacle us fit moms face in our daily lives, the only person standing in our way to becoming that hot mom is ourselves.

I know…

When you have little ones, it becomes a little harder to find the time, and sometimes the energy, to get moving and get sweating. With all the running around we do making sure our little ones are happy and healthy, it can easily feel like there is no time for anything else, let alone an actual run. You would be right to feel that way, but we are moms and let's face it, we know we can handle anything life throws at us so…

Let's get past those "I can't…" and "I don't know…" and move towards those "Well hello's…"

Easier said than done?

Of course, but certainly not as difficult as many us of believe.

If you are a little uncertain about you how you call upon your inner hot mom and sweat your way to being the sexier, take a look at my post "Finding Your Inner Fit Mom."

 So now that we've got that out of the away, we're ready to dive into how you can rock your own set of hot #MomAbs!

Your #MomAbs start on the inside…

No… that isn't an inspirational quote about how your #MomAbs were there the whole time, inside of you just waiting to show, even though that is a bit a true.

I'm talking about the foundation and key to any successful fitness plan, diet and nutrition.

Because without proper diet and nutrition, your killer six pack is going to be hiding away under a little layer of baby fat and never get the chance to turn some heads at the beach.


Before we even get started about how you have to eat your way to a killer six pack, it's important to state this, because far too often my fellow sexy moms come to me thinking that the perfect way to get six pack abs is just to eat less.

I know…

It seems like the right answer, we have a little bit of extra weight hanging around places we definitely don't want to see, so just we just cut down on the amount of food we eat and boom #MomAbs! But unfortunately that couldn't be further from the truth…

Being a Mom+ means remembering those things that we love outside of our identity as a mother and embracing the things we truly enjoy, and I don't know about you but I enjoy eating.  And I certainly wouldn't give up the opportunity to enjoy fresh and healthy meals throughout the day.

And you don't have to either and to be honest, shouldn't…

Building up your beautiful mom bod takes fuel and energy, those runs with the stroller, quick fire work outs, and of course, just being a mom takes a lot out of you and it is important to put nutritious meals back into your system to have the energy to tackle another day as a sexy mom.

"So the answer isn't stop eating? What should I eat then?"

It is quite simple. I use something I call the "Doubles P's," protein and produce.

Protein, as you know, is the fundamental building block of our muscles and before I bore you with talks about how certain amino acid chains help rebuild the tiny micro tears in our muscles that occur every time we work out, I already see you nodding off, let's just keep it simple and say proper protein intake is essential as you can't build #MomAbs without it.

So what about that other P?

We all know we should be eating at least five servings of fruits and veggies, at least, each day but why?

When we put healthy, protein packed lean meats together with all of the essential vitamins packed into fruits and veggies, we get everything we need to sculpt those jaw dropping #MomAbs.

Without it we wouldn't be able to slay in that little bikini this summer.


The answer isn't to eat less but to just eat right, making sure you're receiving your daily intake of protein and vitamins. No amount of weighted sit ups, Russian cross overs, or wall climbing planks will turn your belly bump into rock solid #MomAbs without the proper foundation of a good diet.

If you need some ideas on some killer abs building meals that easier to make for you and your little ones, check out this awesome recipe for quick and easy Greek Yogurt Smoothies or this one for a killer Feta Cheese, Lentil, and Chicken Fresh Green Salad.

So now that we are eating to grow our rock solid #MomAbs, let's get to the fun part...Sweating…

I wish I could tell you that the key to rocking your own set of killer #MomAbs and completely slaying it in a bikini this summer is simply just eating right, but rock hard abs take a little bit of hard work as well.

But before you give up and decide maybe one pieces are not so bad, they are catching on among celebrities, let me tell you that it is a bit easier than you think. Sure you're going to need to get that sweat on and still find time to raise your little ones but I can help make it easier.

If you haven't read my article about finding the time to work out as a mom, then this would be the perfect time to bookmark this page and head over there.

The biggest obstacle between you and a killer set of #MomAbs, besides yourself, is nature.

When we have our first child, our bodies have shifted gears so that we can biologically be ready to be mothers, unfortunately this means that we tend to retain a little more fat around our stomachs that hide our six packs.

 So the first step, and most important step, is cutting down on body fat. Until your body's natural stores of body fat dip down into the lower teens, your inner fit mom is going to have a bit trouble shining through, though that's good. Now we know what we have to do.

So by incorporating fat burning exercises like short bursts of HIIT sessions with exercises that target your abs, and of course throwing in a fair share of healthy meals and snacks, you too can be well on your way to embracing your inner fit mom and showing off those killer #MomAbs this summer.

As always my fellow fit moms… Eat well, live healthy, and be sexy!

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