Finding Your Inner Fit Mom

Mom "Plus"

MOM+ is movement, a call to action, and manifesto founded by Fabiana Ferrarini, designed to empower and encourage "Moms" to embrace and celebrate their non-mom ass-ets & identity. Mom + Fitness Junkie, Mom + Rock-Climber, Mom + Model, Mom + (you fill in the blank). MOM+ is about cherishing motherhood but never forgetting to embrace and celebrate our other non-mom identities. Moms can be strong. Moms can be sexy. Moms can be ... (fill in the blank).  

Finding Your Inner Fit Mom

"Before I had my kids I would but now I can't find the time to…"

Being a mom means being on-call at all hours of the day without any sick days.

Who else is going to make sure soccer games end with a smile and a snack, that all monster defenses are properly set before bedtime, and every scraped elbow finds a Band-Aid?

Between squeezing in answering work emails at after school practices and checking homework while you make dinner, it can feel as if there are not quite enough hours in the day and certainly not enough to add a workout into the mix.


What if the trick to becoming "that hotmom" at soccer games wasn't about finding a way to add more hours to your day, if you figure out a way to do this please let me in on the secret, but in using your time in a better way to support your fitness goals.

By simply making a few changes, you can make every day an opportunity to redefine what it means to have a mom bod.

Healthy, Simple, and Most of all…Easy to Make

Fitness begins with providing your body with the proper fuel to become the best version of you.

Finding the time to eat right and make healthy choices throughout the day can be a bit daunting as a mom but it doesn't need to be that way. Although it may seem easier to opt for a quick take out lunch or skipping eating entirely, making sure you and your family eat well balanced meals every day starts with a decision and of course a bit of preparation.

Before you do your best Gordon Ramsey impression, sans cooking skills,  let's take a moment to separate the idea of eating well and needing to spend more time in the kitchen.

Regardless of whether you know your way around the kitchen or not, there are a multitude of quick, easy, and healthy meals you can make in one cooking session that will keep you and your little ones full and happy.

It may be difficult at first, but if you set aside time once during the week, you can prep an entire week's worth of healthy meals for you and your family.

If you are having trouble finding inspiration you can try these recipes for awesome breakfast bagel bombs, this healthy take on the classic Sloppy Joe, or the perfect portioned smoothie for after school snacks.

Feel the Burn and the Squeeze

As a mom your days can easily feel like a marathon; running from place to place as you travel from the kid's school to work, daycare and after school practices with seemingly unimaginable amounts of side trips thrown in for good measure. Though squeezing a workout somewhere in between all of that running around is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

First, let's do away with the notion that working out means spending hours at a gym each day, amazing moms as we may be, we aren't super humans. Instead let's take a look at finding ways to squeeze your daily workouts into moments where they naturally fit.

Have an hour as you wait for piano practice to finish? Sounds like the perfect time for a little afternoon jogging.

Only thirty minutes until the pot roast is finished? Hop on your Fit with Fabi App and do a few home exercises or break out your mat for some pre-dinner yoga poses and practice your transitions from downward dog to full family as those final minutes on the kitchen timer wind down.

So let's remember working out doesn't have to mean changing your schedule, if you take the moment to look at your day you'll find there are plenty of opportunities for quick, high intensity workouts where you would least expect it. So get creative!

Blur the Line between Family Fun and Fitness

Being healthy and working your way to becoming a better you doesn't necessarily mean spending less time with your little ones. Let's be realistic, as a mom, the words "uninterrupted me time" sound less believable than some bed time stories.

Make your fitness goals a part of family time spent together. Depending on how old your little ones are, this can turn into quick little cardio sessions breaking down and busting moves to your kid's favorite songs or entire family sessions of yoga in the backyard. With everyone playing, laughing, and enjoying having fun with each other, your work outs can pull double duty as family bonding time.

If your little ones are still a bit too young for following along or breaking out their best moves, quick jogs around the neighborhood with the stroller make for great mommy and me time while you burn some calories.

Schedule it out and Stick to it…

Deciding to fully commit towards transforming your life and taking control of how you feel about your body is no easy feat, even for unstoppable moms, and not having a plan to stick to can make it all the more difficult. The mental challenge of making sure you keep reaching your daily fitness goals while juggling everything it takes to be a good mom can be overwhelming without a proper plan of attack.

So find what works for you and stick to it. It may mean waking up a little earlier than usual to hit your Fit with Fabi App to get a little sweaty before the kids wake up or always using your lunch time as a mid-day work out session, finding what works best for you is all about experimenting and knowing yourself.

Finding a fitness plan that fits into your day is in itself a feat (click here for 14 Day free trial to Fit with Fabi App) sticking to that plan in spite of how tiring your day may have been is a different story.  Though becoming a hot mom is a lot easier if you have a clear picture of what it takes to get fit and more importantly, fit into that little black dress you used to love.

Before (right after having Josiah) After (when I was featured in Oxygen Magazine).  

Before (right after having Josiah) After (when I was featured in Oxygen Magazine).


Being a Mom is a Lesson in Love, Kindness, and Understanding

My two greatest gifts, my boys, have taught me more than I could have ever imagined. From the moments my two boys entered this world they have begun to transform my life and challenge what I thought were my limits to understanding and happiness. Above all though, my boys have taught me how to adapt to any situation and that when best laid plans go as well as they do at times to practice patience and understanding. 

Those two characteristics inherent in every mother, understanding and patience, fit into your own fitness goals and have to become an essential part of your path.

So if you find that despite your best efforts you couldn't find the energy to work out for the day, take a breath and love yourself for where are you are before allowing a day's lapse to derail your journey towards becoming a better you.

Being a mom and being hot don't have to be two mutually exclusive paths within your life, you can still enjoy the perks of motherhood while turning your fair share of heads. All it takes is the decision to step up to the challenge and face each day with that Super Mom Spirit.

Look & Live Your Best Life.

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