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The FWF Beach Challenge is a "monthly" 4-week body transformation challenge exclusively for Fit with Fabi members. Participants submit three ‘Before’ photos and follow the FWF workout and nutrition plan for that designated month. Participants then submit three ‘After’ photos at the end of the 4 weeks. The winner of the 4-week body challenge becomes a finalist for the Miami Beach Grand Prize in July.  (1) finalist will be selected every month (January, February, March, April, May, & June). A total of (6) finalist will be selected. The Grand Prize Winner (1 out of the 6 finalist) will be Announced in July. There will be runner-up prizes for the other finalist that did not become the Grand Prize Winner. 


  • Must be a continuous & active FWF member to become a monthly finalist and or Grand Finalist. 
  • Submit (3) before photos at the start of challenge with FWF challenge placard. 
  • Submit (3) after photos at the end of challenge with FWF challenge placard. 
  • Submit a 250-500 word essay about their transformation. 
  • You must consistently log your workouts on the FWF app to qualify. 

Photo Submissions

  •  Submit (3) Before Photos holding the FWF Placard in your hand withIN 5 days from the start of that month's challenge (example: challenge starts February 1st all photos need to be in by February 5th). *FOR THE "JANUARY" CHALLENGE ONLY, TUESDAY JAN 10TH IS THE LAST DAY TO SUBMIT BEFORE PHOTOS)
  • *Follow photo-taking directions from page 5 on the Introduction PDF
  • Send Photos to challenge@fabianaferrarini.com

Essay submissions

  • Topics for discussion may include but are not limited to: What your Challenge goals were and how you achieved them, why you entered the Challenge, how the Fit with Fabi program benefited you, and how you will motivate others to achieve success. 
  • *Essays Must Include: Participant name, "Start" and "End" weight, and Height. You can include this information in the body of the essay. 
  • *Send Essays to challenge@fabianaferrarini.com


  • Roundtrip airfare for two to Miami International
  • 3 Night/4 Day stay in South Beach Hotel
  • Private Beach Photo-Shoot
  • Dinner & Night Out with Fabiana  


Judging process

Only participants who successfully fulfill all requirements of the Challenge will be considered for judging and prizes.

A panel of unbiased judges, from the Fit with Fabi Team, will select all winners. The final decisions are made by Fit with Fabi Executive Leadership Team & Fabiana. The decision of the judges is final.

Each judge will score each contestant on a scale based on 25% percent from the essay, 25% from the workout logs and community club activity, and 50 percent from the “before” and “after” photos.

The scores will be tabulated to give each contestant a cumulative score from each judge. The scores of these judges will then be combined to give each contestant a final score, which will be used to determine the winners.

A positive weight will be given to those that have completed a previous month's challenge. The completion of a previous Challenge is not a requirement to be selected as a winner.

If selected, Participants must maintain their success to the satisfaction of the judges to be eligible for consideration as a finalist



  • How do I officially join the challenge? Join the challenge by simply sending required information to challenge@fabianaferrarini.com
  • Can I enter the challenge more than once? Yes. As a FWF member you can re-enter the challenge every month. 
  • Is there (6) winners or (1) winner? There is (1) Grand Prize Winner that receives the 3 Night/4 Day vacation to Miami. The other five winners will receive runner-up prizes to be announced and given in July when the Grand Prize Winner is selected. 
  • Who can win? Anyone. This challenge is not about who has the quote-on-quote "best" body. This challenges is about transformations! Whether you are going from 300lbs to 280lbs or 120lbs to 110lbs you will be judged on your effort, workout logs, community club activity, and overall transformation! 
  • Do I have to do the photo-shoot? No but I really encourage you to. If you are not 100% about doing the photo-shoot I still encourage you to. It's not about the perfect body, rather celebrating your journey and the progression you made, but ultimately you have the choice to do it or not.  



TERMS & CONDITIONS: In accepting the terms and conditions of the FWF Challenge, you give Fit with Fabi & Ferrarini & Co. LLC, and its authorized representatives, the right and permission to use photographs and video footage of you undertaking training and activities and illustrating body transformations that you have provided to us. You grant permission to the  Fit with Fabi & Ferrarini & Co. and its authorized representatives to use these photographs and video footage for the purpose of promoting, advertisement, marketing, publicity or any other lawful purpose. You waive any right to inspect and approve the finished product that may be used or to which it may be applied now and/or in the future, whether that use is known to you or unknown, and you waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the image whether intentional or otherwise.