My fitness life prior to motherhood was very underwhelming. I exercised infrequently and ate almost anything. As a Latina and Philadelphia native, my meals would range from rice, chicken, and fried beans - to pretzels, cheesesteaks, and water ice.     

Motherhood changed my life in more than one way. Although I was happy as can be mothering my two beautiful boys, the physical overhaul on my body completely drained my self-esteem and confidence. My days were becoming repetitive and my weight was slowly increasing. One morning I woke up ready for a change. I started to workout and began learning how to eat health consciously. After nearly a year of self-experimentation (workouts & diet) I finally began to see "real results." Once I reflected upon these results, my life changed forever. I went from a fitness partaker to a fitness fanatic.   I created my formula for fitness success - and from that day on I have never looked back. Through fitness not only did I find my abs, glutes, and curves, but I found me. I found my purpose.

Currently I am helping other women to create their formula for fitness success via personal training and group fitness classes. I am on a constant pursuit of learning the female anatomy (of all sizes and shapes), eating holistically, and helping women look and feel their best.

Being your "best" is no easy task, but it is possible! Keep in touch and let's build together one day at a time. 

"Feel like YOU again"